Expensive bike collection of Swaran paji worth Rs 5 crore in India.

Bike collection of Swaran paji: Swaranjit Bajaj as famously known as Swaran paji is true bike enthusiast and collector of expensive and rare bike. Swaran paji is a mmubai based business who runs multiple businesses.

As we mention Swaran paji is a bike enthusiast and he loves to collect rare and expensive bikes mainly the cruiser bikes. Swaranjit Bajaj is the proud owner of Indian Roadmasted Elite which is only one in India.

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Swaranjit Bajaj recently bought the Aprilia SXR 160 which is not registered yet. Swaran Paji loves yellow color that is why all his bikes and cars are in yellow color and not only this, the registration numbers of the bikes are also 0001.

Bike Collection of swaran paji

BMW Grand America K 1600 GTL

The BMW K1600 GTL is one of the expensive and rare bike which is only 3 or 4 available in India. The One which Swaran Paji have is fully customize BMW grand America K1600 GTL which is only one in India with that kind of customization. Swaran Paji spends Rs 10-12 lakh on customization of the bike.

Swaran paji with his BMW grand america | source: Instagram

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Specification of BMW K1600 GTL

The BMW K1600 GTL comes with 1649 cc inline 6 cylinder 4 stroke DOHC engine which produces 160.4 PS power at 7750 rpm and 175 Nm torque at 5250 rpm. The bike comes with 26.5 litre fuel tank and 13 kmpl of mileage.


The BMW K1600 GTL comes with plenty of features like dual channel ABS, Riding Modes, Cruise Control, Electronic Immobiliser, Heated Grips, On Board Literature, Storage Compartment, Carbon Filter, Anti-Hopping Clutch, Multi-Controller, Multifunctional Display with On Board Computer, Single Wire System, Seat Heating, Power Socket, Hazard Warning Flasher and so on.

The Expected Ex showroom price of BMW K1600 GTL is Rs 28.75 lakh and it’s on road price will be around Rs 35-37 lakh in India.

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Indian Roadmaster Elite

The next bike in Swaran paji’s collection is Indian roadmaster Elite which is the only one in India and the second bike with blue color in Swaran paji’s garage. The Roadmaster elite which swaran paji have is fully customized according tho the swaran paji’s teste. It is a main highlight of bike collection of swaran paji.

Swaran paji with his Indian roadmaster elite | source: instagram

Specification of Indian Roadmaster Elite

The Indian Roadmaster Elite is a powerful luxury cruiser motorcycle with 1811 cc dual cylinder thunder stroke 111 engine which produces 151 Nm torque at 3000 rpm. 

indian roadmaster elite

The Roadmaster elite comes with plenty of features like ABS, Full Led Headlamp, Cruise Control, Heated Seats, Pinnacle Mirrors, Premium Touring Console, Billet Aluminium Floorboards, Pillion Armrests, 140 Litres of Waterproof Storage Space, 23 Karat Gold Leaf Badging On The Fuel Tank And Lower Engine Covers, Indian’s Ride Command system

The Estimated Ex showroom price of Indian Roadmaster Elite is Rs 48 lakh in Delhi.

Victory Vision

Victory vision is one of the most and rare beautifully designed cruiser motorcycle in the bike collection of Swaranjit bajaj. The bike is also in yellow color as we know how much he loves yellow color.

Swaran paji with his Victory vision | source: Instagram

Specification of Vicrory Vision

The victory vision is powered by 1731 cc dual cylinder V-twin liquid cooled engine which produces 97 Bhp and 153 Nm torque. It comes with 22 litres fuel tank and 364 kg kerb weight.

victory vision

The Expected Ex-showroom price of Victorry Vision is Rs 20 lakh in Delhi.

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Honda Gold Wing F6B

Currently Swaran paji have two Honda Goldwings one is old model and another one is latest F6B model. Swaran Paji have done so much customization on his latest Honda Goldwing F6B.

Swaran paji with his Honda Goldwing | source: Instagram

Specification of Honda Goldwing F6B

The Honda Goldwing F6B comes with powerfull 1833 cc 6 cylinder four stroke liquid cooled engine which produces 126.4 PS power at 5500 rpm and 170 Nm torque at 4500 rpm. The bike comes with 7 speed automatic transmission and shaft drive system.

honda goldwing F6b

The Ex showroom price of Honda Goldwing F6B is Rs 27.76 lakh and it’s on road price will be around Rs 34.17 lakh in India.

Honda Gold Wing

As we mentioned that swaranjit bajaj owns two honda goldwings and this one is a standard Honda Godlwing. The bike is in stock condition and swaran paji bought it in preowned condition.

Specification of Honda Goldwing

The Honda Gold Wing is powered by 1833 cc 6 cylinder 4 strokes liquid cooled engine which produces 126.4 PS power at 5500 rpm and 170 Nm torque at 4500 rpm. The bike comes with 21.1 liter fuel tank and Shaft drive system.

The Ex showroom price of Honda Goldwing is Rs 27.76 lakh in Delhi.

Yamaha Midnight Warrior

The another expensive and rare bike in the Bike collection of swaran paji is Yamaha Midnight Warrior. The Midnight Warrior is powered by 1670 cc V-twin Air cooled engine with 5 speed gearbox. It comes with a Kayaba inverted telescopic fork at front and Single shock, link-type w/adjustable suspension at rear.

BMW GSA 1250

Recently Swaran paji bought his new sport cruiser BMW GSA 1250 which is the blue color. Swaran paji decided to buy the GSA after the recommendation of Mumbiker Nikhil. Swaran Paji also did so much customization on the bike including the clear water light worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The GSA 1250 is the only Sport offroad cruiser in the bike collection of Swaran paji.

Specification of BMW GSA 1250

The BMW GSA 1250 is powered by 1254 cc twin cylinder DOHC boxer engine which produces 136 PS power at 7750 rpm and 143 Nm torque at 6250 rpm. It comes with a 20-liter fuel tank and 15 kmpl of mileage. 

Talking about the features it has Dual channel ABS, Hill Start Control, Power Socket, Tyre Pressure Control, Dynamic ESA, Keyless Ride, Daytime Riding Light, Gear Shift Assistant Pro, LED Turn Indicator, Riding Modes, BMW ShiftCam, Automatic Stability Control and so on.

The Ex showroom price of BMW GSA 1250 is Rs 20.45 lakh in Delhi.

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Ducati Scrambler 800

The next bike in Swarajit bajaj’s collection is Ducati Scrambler 800 which he rarely ride. It is also in yellow color.

Specification of Ducati Scrambler 800

The Ducati scrambler 800 comes with a 803 cc L-twin cylinder air cooled engine which produces 72.8 PS power at 8250 rpm and 66.2 Nm torque at 5750 rpm. It has 13.5 liter fuel tank and Dual channel ABS. 

The Ex showroom price of Ducati Scrambler 800 is Rs 9.4 lakh in Delhi.

Aprilia SXR 160

Swaran Paji recently bought a Aprilia SXR 160 which is scooter and the only small bike in his collection.

Specification of Aprilia SXR 160

The Aprilia SXR 160 comes with 160 cc single clyinder 4 strokes air cooled engine which produces 11 PS at 7600 rpm and 11.6 Nm torque at 6000 rpm. The scooter comes with a 7 liter fuel tank and single channel ABS.

The Ex showroom price of Aprilia SXR 160 is Rs 1.25 lakh in Delhi.

Kawasaki Z1000

The Kawasaki Z1000 is the only naked sport motorcycle in swaran paji’s garage. The Bike is also fully customized in yellow color.

Specification of Kawasaki Z1000

The Kawasaki Z1000 is powered by 1043 cc inline four cylinder 4 stroke DOHC engine which produces 142 PS power at 1000 rpm and 111 Nm torque at 7300 rpm. It is liquid cooled naked sport bike with 17 liter fuel tank.

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As we mentioned that Swaran paji is an expensive and rare bike collector that is why he owns lot of vehicles. Swaran paji have so many other cars and bikes too but very famously are these ones which mentioned above. 

Swaranjit Bajaj bike collection FAQ

Who is swaran paji?

Swaran paji is a Mumbai based businessman with a passion of keeping expensive and rare bikes in yellow color.

Which is the most Expensive bike swaran paji have?

The Indian Roadmaster elite and BMW Grand America K1600 GTL are the most expensive bikes in Swaran paji’s bike collection.

Is Swaran paji is the only owner of India Roadmaster elite in India?

Yes, Swaranjit Bajaj AKA swaran paji is the only owner of Indian Roadmaster Elite.

What is the Price of Indian Roadmaster elite in india?

The Ex-showroom price of the Indian Roadmaster Elite is Rs 48 lakh.

What is the price of BMW Grand America K1600 GTL?

The BMW Grand America K1600 FTL’s Ex showroom price starts from Rs 28.75 lakh.


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