Toyota Compact Cruiser Wins Award 

The adorable Toyota Compact Cruiser Concept won the 2022 Car Design Award for concept vehicles. 

The Toyota Compact Cruiser Concept looks a bit like a mashup of FJ Cruiser and Land Rover Defender turned into a Funko Pop! figurine, 

The award was given by Auto&Design magazine in Milan 

Given the tiny EV's effective blend of rugged good looks and vintage cues, that's fantastic and well-deserved. 

While many of the Compact Cruiser photographs in this gallery are "real world" images, the Compact Cruiser is still only a full-size clay model for the time being. 

The Compact Cruiser is—for now—just a full-size clay model. 

The concept car was designed in Toyota's European design studio known as Toyota ED2 (ED Square) in Nice, France. 

There's no word yet of whether Toyota will turn the Compact Cruiser into a fully realized production vehicle. 

but we hope that some of its now award-winning design DNA filters down into whatever EV SUVs Toyota has in the pipeline. 

Toyota has not outlined anything about the Compact Cruiser or its future as of yet. 

It is expected that the compact cruiser might have dual motors for all-wheel drive and some 250 miles of range per charge

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